Howdy. I'm shelby

When I was 12, I went to Wellington, TX, to visit my grandparents. This particular time my grandad had out his old photo albums he shot while in WWII - I was completely blown away by them. So - my grandad went to the top of his closet, pulled down an old purple shoe box, blew off the dust and handed it to me - my first camera. That’s where this love story begins. 

Being able to capture a moment in time is priceless. Having the ability to go back and look at a photograph years later and feeling the same emotions you did on your wedding day is a gift. 

I love the mechanical yet instinctual aspect of camera work. This is what photography is to me at its core - freedom of creative expression and intimate, non-biased, truth-telling, light-seeking, joy-bringing goodness. 

photo by Hannah Gentiles

I love documenting all forms of love. I love candids. I love seeing the process of emotions that happen during the wedding day, and documenting that in my photos. I love to travel, explore, paddle and hike anywhere your big hearts dream up going. I’m a photographer, but also a guide, friend, confidant, and anything you need me to be on your day. Need a shot of tequila? I got you. 


I’m usually playing in a Texas river somewhere with my friends. My husband, Nick, is from the Texas hill country, so we split our time between Kerrville and Big Bend. \

We love to canoe on any river we can get on! We fish, a lot. We love to hunt, cook and explore the natural world, especially with our pups Caddis and Lady Bird. We can talk for hours about Toyotas (seriously), and we love the great state of Texas. 

That's enough about me, let's tell YOUR story. 

FUN FACTS about me

I'm probably the shortest person at the party

I guide canoe river trips on the rio Grande

I graduated from nursing school in west virginia before moving to wtx and becoming a cowgirl / ranch hand

my hobby is working on our various toyota trucks

I was born in New Mexico and raised in lubbock, tx

i have the coolest dog in the world, his name is caddis

i met my husband on the guadalupe river in hunt, TX

"warm and an incredible photographer!"

Shelby is amazing! Always warm and an incredible photographer. If you want any event memorialized, Shelby has the skill and eye to capture the nuances which make those moments special. Her photos of our special day are prized and cherished. Shelby captured the subtlety of each of our personalities during the structure of a wedding. Absolutely wonderful and I recommend Shelby every time!

-Courtney + Evan O



" She surpassed my expectations!!"

Shelby did our wedding photos and definitely surpassed my expectations! I cannot choose a favorite picture because they are ALL my favorite!! She’s definitely easy going and has a great eye for detail! The lighting and editing was beautiful, great candid shots and all around fantastic! Highly recommended for anyone’s special day!!

-Emily B




ABSOLUTELY LOVED our engagement and wedding pictures by Shelby! She couldn’t have been easier to work with and we hung up a bunch of the pictures in the house. Would highly recommend Shelby!!

-Katie N









the experience

Selecting me as your photographer means choosing an experience that goes beyond just taking pictures. It's about building a connection, crafting your vision, and capturing the essence of your love. It's about telling your love story, one beautiful image at a time. So, if you're ready to embark on this unforgettable journey together, I can't wait to be a part of your story.